Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


CellY∞ Project / LAB space for Fuchsbau Festival

site specific installation & performance, 2017

Fuchsbau Festival, Hannover - Lehrte, Germany, 2017
curator: Adam Łuczak
produced with cooperation of: Jana Kann, Nina Diel, Dominic Maier, Jule Nochnieso and Kuba Matuszczak,

Home to lectures and events concerning contemporary perspectives on the oncoming future, the LAB was designed by followers of the abstract internet spirit „CellY∞“ – who is the main figure of this year’s art program. CellY∞’s mission is to save humanity from the abyss of the depersonalized internet by bringing back emotions, feelings and spirituality to our virtual experience – this is what we mean by hyper-normalization.
We would like to give you a chance to experience your everyday virtual life in a real and true way. We would like you to become a whole new „real you“ in virtuality. Do you feel that your quantified self needs healing? You are very welcome to take part in our enriching and integrating practices, sessions, lectures and events.

* Description taken from CellY∞ curatorial note by Adam Łuczak

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