Inside Job
Ula Lucińska &
Michał Knychaus


This, what left behind, haunts me, pleasures me and hurts me

series of objects,
steel, aluminum, pvc, linen, silk, oak wood, photography, 2019

This illusive stagnation has continued since the anomalies appeared in the narrow passage between the livingroom and the bathroom. It is possible that if imagined differently, they have been there for a long time,
but only now started to develop and take on only a little familiar forms. Eyes were trembling, trying to grasp the boundary between them, and the surrounding environment. When it seemed that the eyes could see, or actually know it, they lost conviction again. Previously, there had been a wet streak there.
But could it have anything to do with the current situation?
It was actually against all the laws of logic, even though those laws had long since ceased to apply.
Contrary to the logic of the order of reality and the necessity of existence. The room has undergone a decisive change. Everything seemed to be so accidental, and at the same time full of perceptible connections.
Brightness was turned up, contrast and saturation decreased, and then unnoticeable high-frequency tunings were made. Each of the smallest cracks, of those that began to appear, was another, as if necessary consequence of the present state of affairs. It is hard to say how long it has been going on. Deep inhale and exhale in confrontation with more and more complicated network of connections. Vibrations no longer only occur between anomalies and the room. Now everything is in flux: blood, hormones, information, viruses, identities and smells. No one and nothing is in control. No one and nothing holds on to form. Year zero - the point in imagined history where the past and the future collide. Things come to life and raise the rebellion. They creep, make sounds and transform. They give us names and indicate the place. They no longer belong to us. They don't want to belong to us as much as we want to belong to them.

This, what left behind, haunts me, pleasures me and hurts me is an installation, whose particular forms refer to human remains: abandoned clothes and equipment, architectural and organic structures. The character of these objects refers, among others, to speculative realism, and in this approach also to possible ways of defining and constructing the future. Starting from the objects that are associated with the human body or human tools,
the question is asked about the impact of this kind of „connection” in confrontation with new, abstract forms.

An example of these relations is a wooden board - a matrix of foundations of a deteriorating building.
This contemporary ruin, located in Poznań, was scanned using 3D technology just before it was completely demolished. Its digital image has been recreated in the form of a milling cutter in an oak board. The ruins of the building served as a temporary shelter for the homeless. The secondarily inhabited place was a field of interaction between man, inanimate matter of decaying walls and the vegetation growing over the walls.

exhibition view:

Inside Job, This, what left behind, haunts me, pleasures me and hurts me, 2019
CAVE gallery, Wrocław, Poland
curators: Barbara Żłobińska, Mariusz Maślanka
photos: Mariusz Maślanka